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Simpsons Comics #32
Bongo Comics
Fun Facts

From amidst the coffee beans and biscotti of McBeans Coffee House comes the words of Lisa Simpson and Martin Prince. In one night, a feud begins which won't be finished easily, especially since it's between the top students of Springfield Elementary! Don't expect this one to be done by dinner!
Rhymes And Misdemeanors
Script: Jeff Rosenthal
Pencils: Tim Bavington, Stephanie Gladden, Phil Ortiz
Inks: Tim Bavington, Bill Morrison
Colors: Nathan Kane
Letters: Jeannine Black
White, No Sugar: Matt Groening
Bongos That Time Forgot!
Script: Michael Caleo, Jeff Rosenthal & David Razowsky
Pencils: Victor Aguilar
Inks: Tim Bavington
Colors: Nathan Kane
Letters: Chris Ungar
Release Date: August 1997 / September 2005
Story 1 Length: 21 Pages
Story 2 Length: 3 Pages
Price: $3.50 (1997) / $5.95 [GST] (2005)
Special Pages: The Bongo Beat: "Sing A Song Of Simpson Stuff" / Junk Mail
Reprinted In: Simpsons Comics A Go-Go (1999)
Special Notes: This is the first issue that was released in Australia, and in 2005, was reprinted by high demand for the original issues. The reprinted version, called "The Best Of The Simpsons Collector's Edition" was printed on special thick art paper, with a limited edition varnished cover.

Check out the reprinted version of this book.

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