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Simpsons Comics #33

Bongo Comics
Fun Facts

Springfield is in a space/time tizzy! Professor Frink has accidentally torn the space/time continuum, and now Lisa is getting straight B's, Bart is a second banana, and Milhouse is the most popular kid in the class! Also look out for Hitman Homer and Mayor Marge Bouvier-Ziff!
Milhouse the Man, Krusty in the Can, and the Great Springfield Frink-Out!
Script: Scott M. Gimple
Pencils: Phil Ortiz
Inks: Tim Bavington
Colors: Nathan Kane
Letters: Jeannine Black
Tiger Teen!
Script: Dan Studney & Jim Lincoln
Pencils: Erick Tran
Inks: Tim Bavington
Colors: Nathan Kane
Letters: Chris Ungar
Release Date: October 1997 / October 2005
Story 1 Length: 22 Pages
Story 2 Length: 3 Pages
Price:$3.50 (1997) / $5.95 [GST] (2005)
Special Features: The Bongo Beat "Carbon-Dated Correspondence"
Reprinted In: Simpsons Comics A Go-Go (1999)
Special Notes: This issue was re-released in 2005, by the Australian Simpsons Comics publishers, Otter Press. The reprints were released with a specially varnished cover, and the inside pages were printed on glossy art paper.

Simpsons Comics #33
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