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Simpsons Comics #34
Bongo Comics
Fun Facts

Mr. Burns enlists Bart Simpson to become a champion snowboarder after telling Smithers the story of how he came so close to Winter Olympic glory, and then lost it all because of fear of competition.
Burnsie On Board
Script: Rob Hammersley
Pencils: Erick Tran
Inks: Tim Harkins
Colors: Nathan Kane
Letters: Jeannine Black
The Simpsons Supporters' Suggestion Spin-Cycle
Script: Ian Boothby
Pencils: Phil Ortiz
Inks: Tim Bavington
Colors: Nathan Kane
Letters: Chris Ungar
Release Date: December 1997 / November 2005
Story 1 Length: 21 Pages
Story 2 Length: 4 Pages
Price:$3.50 (1997) / $5.95 [GST] (2005)
Special Features: The Bongo Beat "Springfield In Sin City" / Junk Mail
Reprinted In: Simpsons Comics A Go-Go (1999)
Special Notes: This issue was re-released as a "Special Collector's Edition" in 2005, by Otter Press (the Bongo comics publishers in Australia). In addition to that, it was printed on very thick art paper (the re-releases of Simpsons #32 and #33 were on art paper too, but it wasn't as thick or shiny), of which has now become the standard for the Collector's Editions.

Simpsons #34
Check out the Collector's Edition cover.

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