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Simpsons Comics #35
Bongo Comics
Fun Facts

Marge Simpson opens a daycare centre in Springfield, but soon Krusty the Clown is desperate for business back at his own daycare centre. After Gerald the mono-browed baby keeps getting Maggie into trouble, the littlest of Simpsons runs away, and while Marge goes to find her, the daycare centre is totally trashed, thanks to Ned Flanders, Dr. Nick, and Barney Gumble (also compliments to Otto). When Marge returns, Krusty buys the daycare centre off her, just as the town discovers what a dive it has suddenly become.
To Live And Diaper In Springfield
Script: Billy Rubenstein
Pencils: Phil Ortiz
Inks: Tim Bavington
Colors: Nathan Kane
Letters: Jeannine Black
More Bongos That Time Forgot!
Script: Mike Caleo, David Rabowsky & Jeff Rosenthal
Pencils: Victor Aguilar
Inks: Tim Bavington
Colors: Nathan Kane
Letters: Chris Ungar
Release Date: February 1998 / December 2005
Story 1 Length: 21 Pages
Story 2 Length: 3 Pages
Price: $3.50 (1998) / $5.95 [GST] (2005)
Special Pages: The Bongo Beat "To Live And Die At Bongo" / Junk Mail
Reprinted In: Simpsons Comics A Go-Go
Special Notes: Reprinted in similar fashion to Simpsons Collector's Editions #32 to #34 in 2005.

Simpsons Comics #35
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