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Simpsons Comics #37
Bongo Comics
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Grampa finally realizes that everyone is ignoring him, and comes up with the alias "El Grampo", therefore starting a graffiti attack on Springfield that tells everyone his messages, and, finally, they listen. Bart discovers Grampa's secret, and then joins up with him as El Barto. Together they plan to bring back one of Grampa's favorite products, Westphal's Auxiliator, by launching a graffiti attack on the Duff blimp.
The Absent-Minded Protestor
Script: Doug Tuber, Tim Maile, Steve Luchsinger
Pencils: Phil Ortiz
Inks: Tim Bavington
Colors: Nathan Kane
Letters: Jeannine Black
The Heroic Life And Mortifying Death Of Radioactive Man 2/4
Script: Bill & Kayre Morrison
Pencils: Bill Morrison
Inks: Steve Steere, Jr.
Colors: Nathan Kane
Letters: Chris Ungar
Release Date: April 1998 / January 2006
Story 1 Length: 21 Pages
Story 2 Length: 5 Pages
Price: $3.50 (1998) / $5.95 [GST] (2006)
Special Pages: The Bongo Beat "Phil Hartman: 1948-1998" / Junk Mail
Reprinted In: Simpsons Comics Unchained
Special Notes: Reprinted in similar fashion to Simpsons Collector's Editions #32 to #36 in February 2006.

Simpsons Comics #37
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