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Simpsons Comics #1
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He's here, he's hungry, and he's 100 feet tall! Watch the skies above, when the Amazing Colossal Homer wreaks havoc across Springfield, and only his daughter Lisa knows the best way to stop the problem. Also, view the life of The Collector, played by Homer Simpson, who lives a sad life, with his only friends being comic books. But what price does The Collector have to pay after being trapped in the freezing comic book vault?
The Amazing Colossal Homer
Script/Layouts: Steve Vance
Finished Art: Bill Morrison
Additional Inks: Tim Bavington
Co-Plot/Colors: Cindy Vance
Bart Simpson's Creepy Crawly Tales: The Collector
Script/Layouts: Steve Vance
Pencils: Sondra Roy
Inks: Bill Morrison
Colors: Cindy Vance
Inspiration: Susan Grode
Released In: November 1993
Story 1 Length: 24 Pages
Story 2 Length: 5 Pages
Special Pages: Bart's Bottom 40
Price: $3.50 (1993)
Reprinted In: Simpsons Comics Extravaganza
Special Notes: This issue was released for the first time in Australia in 1998, and then again in both the US and Australia in Simpsons Classics #1 in 2005.

Simpsons Comics #1
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